Show Your Trees Some TLC

Show Your Trees Some TLC

Choose us for tree trimming services

If left uncared for, your trees can grow out of control. In fact, some trees can grow up to ten feet a year. Modest Touch Landscaping offers residential tree trimming services. We'll trim dead branches and keep your trees at a manageable height. Your trees will be in good hands with our knowledgeable tree care pros.

Call 518-879-3920 today to arrange for tree trimming services.

Top reasons to get your shrubs trimmed regularly

While shrub trimming is no fun, it's an unavoidable chore if you want to keep your yard looking presentable. Fortunately, Modest Touch Landscaping can do the shrub trimming for you. Here are a few benefits of having your shrubs trimmed regularly:

  • You can control the size and shape of your shrubs
  • It can prevent wildlife from nesting in your shrubs
  • It will remove dead and diseased branches
Rely on our team to handle all of your shrub trimming needs. Contact us now to schedule comprehensive landscaping services.